Watch it! Road Condition Resources for RVers

“Country Bridge” by Bill Dickenson is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

I think most RV drivers share the same heart-stopping fright when we stumble on road construction or narrow lanes we don’t expect. Have no fear, there are some great free online resources to help us familiarize ourselves with road conditions before we go and plan a worry-free route.  Trips are best enjoyed safe and fright-free!

Apps and websites for low clearance and other hazards:

  • Maxheight Map – Enter your address and height criteria in the left navigation.
  • SmartTruck Route Truck GPS Route Navigation app for your smartphone.
  • – .pdf of low clearances listed by state. Not a bad idea to print this out and have in the glove box or binder if you’re doing a multi-state trip.
  • Department of Transportation websites are probably the most comprehensive resources for updated road closures and detour information, as well as low clearance bridges and tunnels info. California even has a page specifically dedicated to low clearances. Most of these websites are easily navigatable from your smartphone.

Mobile resources for real-time road conditions and truck stops:

Tip: I wrote down our trailer’s height (including rooftop goodies like a/c and antenna) on a post-it that I keep in view while I’m towing. It gives me a sense of security. If I see a low clearance sign and my heart starts to race, I don’t have to wrack my racing brain and remember the number, it is right there. I’m sure in time I’ll have it memorized, but when I’m towing I am concentrating, it’s just one more piece of info I don’t want to have to spend too much time remembering.

Safe and repair-free travels! If you’re taking a Washington State ferry any time soon, see my post on our first ferry trip with the trailer – it was a hair-raiser.



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