Rasar State Park

Our second trailering adventure was a group camp trip to Rasar State Park between the towns of Hamilton and Concrete, WA. This is a beautiful campground in the middle of nowhere on the Skagit River yet it’s everywhere I want to be. The group campsites are situated around a large circular grass field with a shared firepit bordered by a paved area perfect for a slew of camp chairs, roasting sticks, and glasses of something delicious. Also in the shared space is a covered shelter with lights, water, tables and a fireplace. Trailer and tent sites spoke out from the center grassy knoll and are large, yet private.


  • The sandy riverbank is a beautiful place to spend a sunny afternoon.
  • The group campsites are uniquely private and connected.
  • Well maintained and new cabins pepper the area.
  • Dump station is free with reservation, located behind park entrance.
  • RV sites with water and 30amp power.
  • Good cell coverage.


  • The sandy riverbank is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon, but don’t get caught in the rain; there’s little shelter and it’s a long walk back. I know from experience.
  • From the group campsites, it’s a bit of a jaunt to the river. You definitely wouldn’t want kids crossing the main road in unattended to get there.

Must do:

  • Go to the river. Pack a picnic, sunscreen and a big bottle of water. Take off your shoes and bury your feet in the sand. Om.
  • Walk around the trails. They are well kept and peaceful.
  • Relax. This is a low-key campground with few bells and whistles, it doesn’t need them because it’s simply, naturally, delightful.

Good to know:

  • The narrow rural roads from the highway to the park are residential and signs are not plentiful so it’s easy to pass it if you’re not paying attention.
  • Pack wisely and meal plan. Getting out to a grocery store is not easy so if you forget to pack the ketchup, you’ll probably go without.
  • Reservations: Washington State Parks



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