10 Must Have New RV Items

IMG_20180304_133914227We traveled out of state to purchase our travel trailer and planned on camping in it on the way home. I packed food, linens, pillows and bottled water for the trip. There were a few things I should have purchased beforehand because when I saw the prices at the dealership I almost fell over. Thinking ahead will save you some cash. Here is my shopping list for new RVer’s.

  1. Electrical cord and adapters – These usually come with the coach but you want a backup eTrailer or Amazon are competitive. Include a 30amp to 110v conversion if you want to plug in anywhere (I think I paid $7 at a local Seattle RV supply store for the AC adaptors. I know larger rock star tour bus style coaches use 50amp, but let’s be real, you’re not reading this if you’re a Class A owner.
  2. Fresh water hose – This food-grade hose will hook the coach up to the city water connection for the duration of your stay. It will also be used to fill your fresh water tank. Newbies – your fresh water tank is not filled at the same port on your coach as your city water supply, though likely the same side. City water is pressurized and the fresh water tank needs the water pump to pull the water up to the faucets and toilet. Water is heavy, but it’s a good idea to have at least some in your tank when you travel so you can wash your hands, use the toilet, etc. on the road.
  3. Water Pressure Regulator – It’s just not worth screwing up your coach’s plumbing because you didn’t get around to getting this. I mean, come on people.
  4. Waste sewer hose with fittings – The first one we bought lacked a few cool features we eventually wanted. Yes, even crap tubes have cool features, like see-through connections to see when the poop shoot is done. Amazon carries one better and cheaper than what I saw at the dealership.
  5. Leveling blocks and wheel chocks – I thought I’d just cut some wood when I got home and call it good. First time out you’ll want them. It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep leaning starboard wondering if the coach is going to dislodge and roll downhill if you sneeze.
  6. Leveling Scissor Jack socket – 3/4″ Hex socket. Some coaches have electric leveling jacks installed but this wasn’t a huge selling point for me. Just grab an electric drill, slap one of these sockets on it and you’re good to go. You may have to get it started with the hand crank if your drill isn’t beefy like my little cordless Dewalt 12volt, but it sure is handy for $5.
  7. Insurance – This is easy to forget about. Call around, rumor on the street is Good Sam’s Club offers competitive coverage, but we bundled it with our other policies.
  8. Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper – RV tanks are delicate little sweet pees. Don’t create an unnecessary headache for yourself by using regular toilet paper. We bought a bulk order of it after I paid $6 for four rolls at the dealership to get home supplied. Amazon or another supplier carry different brands of a RV/Boat specific products; it isn’t three-ply Charmin that makes you feel like royalty, but it won’t clog up the tank or hose and that makes it worth it in spades.
  9. Black Tank Deodorizer and/or Bio Waste Digestor – Speaking of poop, throw one of these pre-measured gems down the toilet and you’ll forget your poop stinks. I’m putting this on the must-have list because if you are interested in an RV it’s a safe bet composting toilets and a hole in the ground above a 20-foot cesspool at a state or national park isn’t your ideal.
  10. Gloves – Both heavy duty for leveling, hooking and unhooking, but also disposable waterproof for dump stations.

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