8 Fun Items You Want for Your New RV

Now that we have the must-have items figured out, it’s time to get to the fun stuff! This is a mini mobile vacation pod of joy!

  1. Command products – The walls are not drywall. Weight is something to keep in mind. Let me introduce you to your new best friend… Command Stick-on Products by 3M.  I have a stick-on towel rack in the bathroom. I have stick-on hooks everywhere; for my keys, for my toilet paper roll, for my art (yes, art) for towels and coats. These things are amazing!
  2. USB cords for your phones, tablets, and gadgets. They are relatively cheap, so buy a couple and keep them in the RV so you don’t have to remember to pack them.
  3. TastePure Water Filter – I’m not yet brave enough to drink out of our coach fresh water tank or city water supply, but at least the water I shower and brush my teeth with is mildly filtered. We still buy drinking water in big jugs from the grocery store for drinking and cooking.
  4. Tiny Toilet Bowl Brush – I found this on, where else, Amazon but check out a dollar store first. It is the tiniest, cutest toilet brush in all the land, sure to hide away in a corner of the bathroom with no issue. Lightweight and slim profile. It’s like they knew RV owners needed this thing.
  5. Nesting bowls, measuring cups and spoons – I found a similar product at Big Lots for much cheaper and really like the space saving design.
  6. Card Games – Turn the TV off and pull out one of these small portable games for 2 or more players: Monopoly Deal (don’t freak, it’s not a mini version of the classic infuriating game of neverending anxiety – it’s super quick and addictively fun), Travel Qwirkle, Five Crowns.
  7. Bed linens and Mattress Protectors – Nope, I’m not going to let you use sleeping bags. You’re worthy of true comfort. If you think a sleeping bag keeps you legitimate in the camping world, you need a good friend (or me) to hold your hand (literally or figuratively), look deep into your eyes and tell you, “You are a good person. You deserve comfort. You just bought an RV, for the love of God put a decent thread count on your sleep space and sandwich yourself under a huge fluffy duvet. You’re worth it.”
  8. Portable outdoor grill – But you say, “I just paid for an entire RV kitchen?”  You did, but once you grill bacon in that kitchen you have fifteen seconds before the fire alarm goes off. Some foods are best cooked/grilled/seared outside the RV!

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