The RV & The Ferry

A few of the things that really make my knees chatter towing are high winds, small spaces, low-hanging tree branches or overpasses, narrow tunnels, and ferry boats. I encountered a few of these on a trip this week and let’s just say I’m still not okay. Feeling a little off. Probably won’t ever take a ferry again.

My first trip:

Edmonds to Kingston ferry run, mid-week, middle of the day for the first time.

  1. They had me pull in with cars already parked in the middle lanes. This was a nightmare. I had a wall on one side and cars on the other, and I’m wide.
  2. At no time did the trailer or awning touch the wall, or anything else, but it was way too close for my comfort. Had we been in rough seas I’m sure the awning would have hit the wall.
  3. The tires were touching the lip of the side barrier. I was worried the tires would pop. Luckily they did not.
  4. Cars were positioned just as close on the driver’s side of the trailer. No one could walk between the trailer and the wall, or the trailer and the cars on the other side.

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I was prepared to drive around to Tacoma and back up to Edmonds the long way to avoid the ferry on the return trip altogether, but the wind was kicking up and that invited a whole new slew of new concerns.

The return trip:

  1. I gave myself permission to get greedy with a couple extra inches off the wall.
  2. I didn’t have to go between cars already parked in the center which was hugely helpful.
  3. I hugged the outside yellow line of the door/walkway lane. They couldn’t park cars directly next to me, instead, a tractor-trailer took up two lanes beside me. I noticed all the wide vehicles behind me followed suit and we were all on that outside yellow line together.

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Conclusion: I’m not sure what I’ll do if I’m ever forced to go between already parked cars and the wall again. I think I’ll stop and wait for a ferry employee to direct me. Or, I may just never take the ferry again!

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